1. How we got here
2. The alternative religion put in place by Roosevelt and the UN follows with the Mt. Hermon UN Base and other subjects
3. Communist organizations within the United States. What is the United States?
4. This show places all of the previous shows in perspective to create a picture and point of view of the history of America never seen before and how it effects you today
5. More on Intangible Property Rights and the drivers license and other announcements.
6. The message of the reign of the heavens
7. Public Notices and Links
8. The way the world works and how to keep a Government under the control of the people that created it
9. Various subjects: pain compliance, 911, Islam and Illuminati
10. Creatures of Statute 1 AND 2 OF 8
11. Publication three and four of the Creatures of the state series published on THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST.
12. Declaration of Interdependence 1976
13. Vatican-Money-Global accounts-pedophiles – creatures of the state 5 and 6
14. Independence of the Judiciary
15. Private Membership Associations and privatization of a country.
16. Showing how to diagnose war crimes. Diagnosing war crimes will defeat communists
17. The art of confusion, the origin of the third world war, Continental Army and how to sign up.
18. Various subjects as a guest on the tactical sovereignty facebook group
19. The existence of Elohim City, where it is and its significance to the world
20, How did you become a U.S. citizen?
21. Real Information that is verified as to the structure of the country and why people in the patriot community end up in
22. The Articles of Association of the original Union
23. The Law of Nations and Bills of Credit explained in full
24. Joining the Union, and major announcements
25. How to get out from under the system in less than five minutes and it sticks
26. How the communists came into the country
27. The United States of America is a free State!
28. The real goal of a civil war
29. GPEX, International Public Notices and the origins of Metro
30. Styles and Boundaries – Chain of Title
31. Republicans and Democrats, future events and the Continental Dollar
32. Return of executive power to the families of America
33. Adhesion contracts attached to service agreements.
34. What the Government of The United States of America does everyday.
35. Racism
36. The 1868 Overlay Survey – Albert Pike – Pentagon
37. Updates within the States of the Union. Message to Militants.
38. We discuss ANTIFA and the Communist conspiracy to take over the country
39. Acts of the United States, in Congress assembled and other subjects
40. Mortgages and loans identified.
41. NFL Spectacle – Involvement in your Government
42. Genocide, supremacy, elections, and the international character of the Government of The United States of America.
43. The bigger picture of our State of the Union.
44. The Ignorance of the Masonic Lodge members and a remedy for the people.
45. Intangible Property, who is responsible? More on Masons…The source of Masonic law.
46. The hypocrisy of America. Notice has been given.
47. Addressing the fake world by connecting reality:
48. The fake Contempt of Court.
49. The origins of U.S. nationality
50. The source of the NWO agenda.
51. Property.
52. IRS False files – Offshore
53. The British American Union
54. Alien Tort Claim and New Jerusalam.
55. Treaty Violations and remedy.
56. Social Assistance Program.
57. How rights were taken.
58. Taking your State back peacefully and correctly. Know your political rights.
59. Plasma Energy.
60. Impeachment of the Governor.
61. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.
62. The foreign city-states in America.
64. War crime claim – Religious Objector – Fordham Alumni.
65. Georgetown University exposes its role in the United States.
66. World empathyday community.
68. Charter of the American Continent, colleges are a body politic, how to fix the constitution of the United States for the Roman Catholics.
69. Forming an assembly.
70. News Releases, ANU, NANP, Silver Infusion.
71. The Anna Narrative and how to form a State or nation.
72. Sovereign Citizen to an American National.
73. Continental Marshalls. Public Domain.
74. The Continental Dollar – Lawyers, third party interlopers, social compacts and other subjects.
75. Bilateral Social Compact Agreement.
77. The claim process of The United States of America.
78. Exposing the Sovereign Citizen Propaganda Film on You Tube.
79. Police and the people.
80. Training your mind.
81. State of Massachusetts-Bay.
82. Immovable property to movable property.
83. Part 1 and 2. Masons and the connection to the Jesuits – Universities – History of the Canons
84. The Bonds and Securities Market
85. The Deep State.
86. Saul Alinsky rules for radicals.
87. Lieber Code, Martial Law, Treaty of Peace.
88. Why are you treated like a traitor to your country.
89. Communists embedded in the Patriot Movement.
90. Solution for “CPS Legal Child Trafficking”.
91. R.U.S.A. and its history.
92. Definition of the person – Illuminism
93. CPS court appeal, How to spot a Sociopath, origins of the reign of the heavens society Temple.
94. Evidence of Trafficking in Persons on a local level.
95. Luciferianism in America with all of the connecting dots.
96 part 1. Municipal Court Proceeding in detail and how persons are trafficked.
96 part 2. Avoid aiding and abetting
97. The Foreign Market placed in America.
98. The Dutch Connection and various subjects.
99. The 240 years of problems.
100. The Hidden Political Party in the United States
101. An inside look at the Government of The United States of America.
105. NAC issues-Claims Process-What is behind the rainbow-Continental Dollar Publication.
106. Why you can’t win in court.
107. Internal Revenue Trust-Exposing Birth Certificate Fraud, How many ways the people are being attacked. Continental Dollar
108. National Lawyers Guild-Connection between Luciferianism and Communism-Do you live in a Communist Country?
109: Rocky Mountain Heist- Proof of slavery
110: Covering Adrenochrome and the real reason behind the border wall!