The First Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW

The First Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW/First Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW
First Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW
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Town of the reign of the heavens Broadcast is now THE T-ROH SHOW. This particular show covers a multiple subject and some are very deep to think about and we may have to warn you of the subject matter because it affects everyone.

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  1. Ri-chard

    There are no states. Please know American history, there is only the Body Politic that is not to represent us. Please know and understand the first chapter of the founding of America. Then you will know why Queen Elizabeth’s signature is allowed on our US Social Security documents till this date. She is now the Arch-Treasure and Prince Elector of the United States of America by sign contract. You may even know why SERCO controls so much of Prison Industries and is in control of the US Patient and Trade Office.

    You should stop identifying newly discovered crimes when nothing is new but the methods which they are perpetrated on and against the people. You are diverting people away from the truths of the first frauds which allow all crimes you speak of.

    If you must have an understanding of what Ben Franklin negotiated FOR the King. Understand what the First congress did to the Oath of Office. And if you don’t understand what George Washington did with the War Power Act you will never know how it allowed Roosevelt to do what he did against the people. Therefore, what the corrective actions are and you will continue to chase new crimes without resolution to seek remedy so these crimes do not repeat..

    Please know American history and know it well. All the proof is within the United States government documents, not my words but theirs.

    Want proof?

  2. Lesley Grande

    Thats why they say we commited an offence. Who did we offend? Their god. Then we have to pay with their devil script.

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