Clova Dayton (Toby) Westfall accusations and answered by the accused!

Answers in red lettering-Published by THE T-ROH SHOW on 10-9-2022.

 [10/9/2022 8:49 AM]

[Forwarded from Toby Westfall]

You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth, but here goes. Keith built a virtual government from someone’s basement while avoiding being arrested. Is it a virtual government? Absolutely. Show me one physical government building that is owned 100% by the government. There are none. Not one single deed with “The United States Of America” as the owner. No physical courthouse to conduct business. No physical capital building to legislate from. No physical post office the government can prove ownership of. No physical Bank to conduct financial transactions. No physical embassy to conducduct business with other countries. No physical millitary headquarters to defend it from invasions. It’s all virtual or privately owned by non-governmental entities.

What Toby is describing is a communist form of government. All buildings should be in the name of the people for the Government, not in the name of a country or Government. If a government owns a building, its existence means that private property rights are being taken from the people. Public property owned by a government is very dangerous and inhabitants like Toby scream out for it because they were raised communist and also make government out to be their god.

The Government of The United States of America is a republic form of Government and the people are not taxed, so it is up to the people to sign easements on buildings they own and not using so government operations can be done in the area.  Toby will not do that in anyway yet he loves to blame others for what Toby is not doing.  So the question for Toby is why you do NOT support a republic form of government and advocate for a communist form of government?

Let’s now look at the court system. There a certain requirements to having a legal court. You need at least one judge, check. You need a jury, missing. You need a sheriff or civillian officer of the court, missing. You need a court recorder, check. But, you must have a physical building to appear at so the business of the courts can be conducted, missing. You must have a writ of all charges served physically to the accused, who may or may not be detained at that time, delivered by an officer of the court, missing. Now, you can argue that it’s a military court, but the same physical requirements still apply. Then, you must have a physical detention building to hold the convicted party to serve whatever time the court deems necessary, missing. This means any judgements “The United States of America” ever handed down ar all null and void. It’s all virtual dreamed up inside Keith’s head.

Once again, all of the missing parts are to be provided by the people in a republic form of government so why is Toby Not supporting a republic form of government? Toby is begging to be taxed as a subject of government and everything provided by everyone else and Toby gets others to pay for what he deems as a court system. This is called robbing Peter to pay Paul.

So, why is Keith doing all this? For self gratification. He wants everyone to praise him so he can extort money and labor from them. Why do you think he’s always asking for donations? Why do you think your getting paid in virtually worthless Continental dollars?

Keith is not always asking for donations. Toby then calls his own labor worthless because Continental Dollars are backed by the labor of Toby and many others.  Indirectly Toby is advocating for the federal reserve note printed by the Crown by calling the Continental Dollar, his own countries money worthless. Toby has no allegiance to his own country and he exiled himself as a result.

Simply put, he’s a con artist and has been for years. How many families and livelihoods has Keith destroyed over the years? Hundreds. If you question anything Keith does, he attacks you, your family, and your livelihood, until he’s satisfied.

Toby is a little slanderous here to fit his own narrative. Keith is not responsible for livelihoods of others. Once again Toby is trying to make Keith out to be a god over others by attempting to make Keith responsible for the livelihoods of others. Toby is personally attacking Keith with this writing with slander and when Keith defends himself and reputation, Toby calls it an attack.  

If you ask for a full audit of the bank, he accuses you with false allegations, with no evidence of truth whatsoever. Public bank records are suppose to balance ever day at the closing of the business day, at least once every business day. Go down to any local bank and ask the bank manager. They will verify that. The “Continental Public Bank” has never balanced it’s books or ever been fully audited. Why? Because it will not balance. Too many funds have been looted from the bank for it to ever be balanced. This is why Keith doesn’t want an audit. It will expose the con.

The bank is audited everyday and all funds are accounted for everyday. A report is given to the National assembly on a weekly basis. The bank is a closed loop system and everything is accounted for electronically.  How can Toby claim in one sentence that the Continental Dollars are worthless and then claim the bank is looted every day? Why would someone loot worthless Continental Dollars if in fact they are worthless and the looting was happening? The electronic transfers show everything so if something was stolen, everyone would know about it. The audit of the bank was called for by Howard to get every ones attention off of Howard.  Howard still has not returned over 4000.00 USD dollars of donations and Howard was not removed from office because he called for an audit, he was removed because Howard stole a bunch of money from the Treasury by printing un-accounted for Continental Dollars. An audit was done and the theft was proven. So, the allegations of a con do not exist and Toby is trying to hide the theft by slander. There was an audit and Toby cannot accept the results.

Let’s get back to the destruction of families for a moment. How many families have become homeless by Keith’s guru schemes? He got William James Wright V twice. He made Jenna and Brandon Anderson and their 4 children homeless. He totally destroyed Jennifer Runov’s family. And these people bow down to him and worship him. But, their are many many more families he has destroyed over the years. Look at Naomi. She has disassociate her whole family and heritage just so she could get approval from Keith. She doesn’t even realize he’s a racist and is totally using her. He thrives on people with low self esteem. He also talks people into effectively becoming his slave by making them destitute. Just look at the slaves closest to him. He made them destitute, then “saved” them by enslaving them. Create the problem and then give the solution.

Keith never made anyone homeless and refuses to take mortgage cases. The theft of equity system is in place by the bankers of the bank of New York Mellon and that theft system is massive so to blame Keith does not make any sense. That would be like blaming a fire fighter for a fire. The Anderson family is not homeless and they are not slaves. The Runov husband destroyed his own family with 12 years of systematic physical and mental abuse of his own family and he is a member of an elaborate Russian family network that has enough power to control the local courts. Keith has never caused a problem and then came up with a solution.  

It was Keith’s idea to never ask for the race of anyone on any paperwork of the Government of The United States of America because people should be identified by their Nationality and not their race. Naomi is identified as an American National and not by the word black. Naomi decided she did not want to be mentally abused by her brother and now stays with her parents. How does Naomi have low self esteem? How is Naomi destitute? Keith has no claim of ownership over Naomi. However, these 30 people have slammed and attacked Naomi worse than anyone else like she has been singled out for some reason. Could that be a because of her skin color and the people that are doing it are from the south like Alabama?

Let’s look at the exile process a minute. If you are smart enough to ask questions, you get “virtually” exiled. This is why after 10 plus years there are only about 30 people actively involved in this virtual government. He can’t find quality honest people because it will expose the con. This is also why he can’t have physical county assemblies. He has temporary assemblies and then has to purge them back into a ” vitual” state or county trust. It’s all a con game.

Toby has no idea why there are 30 people in Government. They all ask questions all of the time. Toby has failed to have a county assembly in his county and blames Keith for his own failure. Keith advocates for county assemblies all of the time and is even in the constitution.

People are not exiled, the delivery of their person is cancelled. People exile themselves because they attack the Government rather than go and settle their own State. This means those inhabitants are not here to build a new country, they are here to cause trouble. Toby is trying  to make a god out of Keith by trying to make Keith responsible for everything. It is typical idol worship mentality or Toby is looking for a husband to take care of him. It is very common that men in particular will fall in love with Keith and write these false accusations like a scorned woman would when she breaks up with her husband. Toby has been obsessed with Keith for the past week and is typical behavior of a bro-mance thereby attempting to make Keith responsible for everything like a wife would do to her husband.  It has happened many times in the past. If Toby believes this is all a con and there is no Government, why is Toby stalking Keith. Why doesn’t Toby just go and mind his own business? Why follow Keith around and critique everything Keith does or does not do? It is typical behavior of an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Keith is not gay just so Toby knows and can move on. 

[10/9/2022 8:49 AM]

[Forwarded from Toby Westfall]

He will steal your power of attorney and forge documents with your signature to gain access to your assets. We’ve proven that. Just look into the fight for Russo’s estate and several others.

Keith is not familiar with a fight for a Russo estate. Keith does not have power of attorney for anyone and Keith has never accessed any estate. Please produce the documents that would prove that any of these accusations are true because Keith has never seen these forged documents, any form of a power of attorney for anyone and where are these assets that Keith has taken?

Now, ask yourself, is this the actions of a “high priest”?  Are these the actions of a man of honor? The truth is not in Keith Edward Livingway. He’s a simple con man that has obviously thrived off deception.

Keith has never claimed to be a high priest, that position belongs to Yeshua/Jesus. Keith has never thrived off of deception. Who gave Toby the authority to judge Keith or judge what is honorable or not honorable? How does Toby know if there is truth or not in Keith Edward Livingway? How does Toby know what Keith thrives off of? Toby has created a personal relationship in his mind with Keith and Keith has never known Toby, Keith has no idea who Toby is and has never met Toby. Toby has created a online love affair in his own mind with Keith is the only explanation.