Anna Von Reitz is A PUPPET for a Central Intelligence Agency psyop!

Anna Von Reitz is operating a Central Intelligence Agency psyop. 

The Flag that she uses was a Cutter Flag from the 1800’s, it is not a peace flag: LINK

Anna Von Reitz uses this cutter flag calling it a national flag which is a total lie.

Do you know how the host of THE T-ROH SHOW knows this information? Because the host of THE T-ROH SHOW had that image made back in 2007 and 2008 and also had a flag vender sew one together thinking that it was a peace flag that was a claim of David Wynn Miller. Later on the truth came out.  

Every bit of information that comes out of the Host of THE T-ROH SHOW is stolen by the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) starting in the 1990’s. We recognize their time stamps and processes when they are involved. Anna Von Reitz is nothing more than a puppet for the C.I.A., they know the so-called national flag claim and story is complete crap and they know what it stands for AND WHERE THAT IMAGE CAME FROM.  The C.I.A. also knows that all of Anna’s claims are complete crap: YOU ARE BEING PLAYED FOLKS AND LURED RIGHT BACK INTO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!


Stop believing what you are told by known liars, Anna Von Reitz has never been a judge: 

Try this one: 

Nothing new other than a generation is new and trust their captures: