More Patriot Garbage!

Author: Shelby 
Is your home sitting on land and soil?

Perhaps not?

If anyone will take the next step to look up what the term “Soil” Means on a tax assessment form, then we would not have all of this patriot garbage mucking up the internet. We realized that some one saw Soil on their tax assessment document and thought that it meant that their house was NOT on the soil. We believe that the whole Anna Von Reitz movement is based on that information which is why her members keep saying that they are on the soil or on the land jurisdiction and that somehow their house is classified as being on the sea. 

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All that means when it says SOIL and then under it says NONE is that no soil survey was done to complete the tax assessment like what is done on farms. So, to be clear, it does not mean your house is a ship on the seas so there is no need to claim a land jurisdiction.