Looks like a war is coming!


Message from General McInerney

General McInerney, [11/4/2021 9:01 AM]
BREAKING: Joe Biden issues nationwide vaccine mandate order

General McInerney, [11/4/2021 9:01 AM]
[Forwarded from The Dollar Vigilante]
The end of the United States of America is officially here. All public and private companies are mandated by pedophile Joe Biden to receive the vaccine by January 2022.

Any non compliance can lead to fines of up to $100k.

This is where the words stop and the war starts. This is where men will be separated from boys.

They are coming for you and especially your children.

The New World Order….

General McInerney, [11/4/2021 9:02 AM]
This will begin a possible civil war.

General McInerney, [11/4/2021 9:14 AM]
A national police force will be deployed similar to China.