Response from Sean Beller over the 237th Broadcast and comments about Marc Bru!

Beller claims to be a U.S. citizen

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Beller Background check: Someone lied on their employment application although he does go by Will Stray:  LINK

If anything happens to the Host of THE T-ROH SHOW- Please look into these people as having something to do with it. 

Sean Beller as pictured above: 

Neal Cornett



Beth Cornett



John Mark Adams

We caught Beller lying many times while within The United States of America. Beller is not a part of the American National Union of The United States of America. Sean Beller is within the United States. It says a jury trial dismissal in the first entry of the background check but there are two other serious felonies. Just because Beller beat the rap in 2014 does not mean that he was innocent. We have 7 witnesses stating that Beller called the committee after he so-called “Love Tapped” his step son with a baseball bat while drunk. He was trying to use the Government to protect him from going to jail for hitting his son wherein the stepson had his grandfather take him to the hospital and Beller and his wife has lied about that night ever since. Sean Beller tried to sue the host of THE T-ROH SHOW for human rights violations 3 months after he came to The United States of America once he heard about human rights for not letting him attack this Host on our social media and then lied about the attempt to sue later. 

The cops in Florida know that Sean Beller is a danger to any society which is why he had to move to Georgia the last we heard. Sean Beller was a problem when he came here, he was a problem while he was here and even more of a problem after he was deported. 


Stay tuned because the attacks keep coming and the host of THE T-ROH SHOW regrets ever producing THE T-ROH SHOW. Now we have Marc Bru, one of the people that were arrested for the January 6th, 2021 deal in Washington D.C., came to this Government looking for help on an affidavit, he has an ankle bracelet on, we helped him and he starts persecuting people in our Temple. He claims that we are running the country from the General Post Office or created the country with the General Post Office, which is a lie. Once again, we help people and they attack us. We are seriously considering withdrawing the international immunity that was granted to all of them arrested on January 6th, 2021.