Some twisted teachings about Yahushua/Jesus!


There’s been speculation for years that Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter… It’s been confirmed by Q anon that Angela Merkel is indeed Hitler’s daughter. There’s another strange coincidence. Angela Merkel, Theresa May, and the Lithuanian president all knew each other as children!? Do you think it’s just a coincidence that they all grew up to be president of their countries? The entire political system is rigged. Every nation has the illusion of democracy. These leaders are selected not elected. And they’re not there to represent your best interest!!!!

Angela Merkel was a Hitler Youth… Here’s a picture of her marching in her Nazi uniform. You can see she still wears the same haircut symbolism of the Nazi party.

There’s been speculation that the real Nazis were actually Jewish. Jacob Schiff and George Soros were two of the most wealthy and famous Jewish Nazis… It sounds like an oxymoron to most but that’s because people don’t know the truth…