Anna Von Reitz “tries” to attack THE T-ROH SHOW!

Red Lettering is THE T-ROH SHOW. 

Once again the liar and fraud comes back with more lies and fraud so here we go: 

Anna says:

Finally, if all the things that T-ROH believed were true, then it would be T-ROH accomplishing all the things that our American State Assemblies have already accomplished.

It would be T-ROH enabled to lawfully enroll the Western States as members of the Union — which we already did. The act of bringing the western States into the Union was done when we did all of the metes and bounds of the States of the Union, the same document that was stolen by Anna Von Reitz that she passed off as her own. You can see the details in 184th t-roh show.  It would be T-ROH in receipt of all the Labor Bonds issued on Americans since 1921. It would be T-ROH receiving the gold and silver back, instead of our organization. We did some digging into these claims and saw this letter: LINK

Anna claims on her facebook page are this in a nutshell: 

1: Labor Bonds issued on Americans since 1921

2: receive back our gold, silver, and other precious metal assets

3: Claims to have fought DTCC and the Vatican

And the reason that T-ROH has never and will never be able to do any of this, is not because we have some “insider pull”. I can assure you that the Vatican didn’t want to give up all the American bonds. I can assure you that DTCC didn’t want to yield the records. I can assure you that it was a long, tough, ugly fight for five years to nail down and receive back our gold, silver, and other precious metal assets.

The reason that T-ROH has not been able to do this, or even aware enough to do this, is because the people involved in the leadership of T-ROH can’t even read and rightly interpret the meaning of the records and documents that they are depending upon.

Read that document carefully and you will all see the real Anna Von Reitz if you are not convinced:

Anna claims in the letter this: 

1: Anna claims to speak for the American states without holding any office anywhere. 

2: Anna Claims she is a Federal Postal District Judge in that letter which has been debunked here: LINK

3: Anna claims: “This is one form of objection made in behalf of the would-be victims, and in behalf of the lawful land jurisdiction government of the United States of America, Unincorporated”  Anna is not talking about The United States of America nor the American States Assembly club.  

4: “Notice that all the “unclaimed” securities on your system and the MERS System belong to the
unincorporated United States of America.”  Anna Never mentions the “American States Assembly” private club nor The United States of America. 

What Anna does mention is all of the city of London entities as Anna lies about being a judge, lying about being a Federal Postal District Judge, lying about THE T-ROH SHOW, lying about her accomplishments and once again feigning her success. 

Here is another thought, if Anna in fact did receive what she says she received, it was done under a fraud claim of being a judge which means she will go to jail for stealing assets of the American people. 

Your own lies and fraud are cornering you Anna, it is only a matter of time when you will break under the pressure of lying to yourself.