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One Reply to “THE 167th BROADCAST OF THE T-ROH SHOW! Part Six”

  1. shelby

    The global planning and staging of events and mock trials and such at private gatherings to implement ‘laws’ such as ‘hate speech’ ‘holocaust deniers’ ‘homophobia’

    The sentences below are from the above link
    In a place called Arendal on the south-eastern
    coast of Norway, there is an annual political
    festival called “Arendalsuka”. Arendal is incidentally the place where the Labour Party was founded
    back in 1887. Since 2012, this weeklong political festival has been staging political debates and
    seminars. For the past 4 years, the Norwegian Bar Association has conducted show trials at this
    festival. One mock trial was about distributing sexualized content online and another was about hate
    speech. One of Breivik’s judges, Wenche Elisabeth Arntzen, participated playing the role of judge in
    a mock trial about hate speech. Breivik’s prosecutor, Inga Bejer Engh, has also taken part in this,
    and so has one of the other lawyers involved in the Breivik case. In Norway, like in many other
    European countries, freedom of speech is restricted. The term “hate speech” is actually used in the
    law text and can be used to legally prosecute “hateful expressions” that target persons based on
    ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability. Norway is not alone in having hate-speech laws.
    A special addition to this law is in many countries made about anti-semitism and in some countries,
    this specifically ncludes denying holocaust. One may ask why they stage such mock trials and
    specifically why they stage one about hate speech. I also find it disturbing to see real lawyers together
    with professional actors pretend as if they are part of a real trial. What would be the difference for
    these people faking this trial and faking one they pretend is real? To me, it seems as if they are
    condoning fake trials as propaganda or “education”, as I am guessing they would call it.

    Better wake up folks to just who is perpetrating all this madness across the world

    And this site promoting the 7 NOAHIDE Laws is aiding and abetting in their quest for world domination

    The G20, G7 and any other G you can think of and their world planning

    The ‘virus’ pre planning and looting the US treasury to carry out lock down of all

    Pre planning and the departments created to carry out their bio terror plot on all of humanity but specifically the people of the United States

    Their world jesuit military to carry out global disarmament and genocide of all who do not adhere to their world domination plans
    UN map and planning as per the religious scriptures covering every denomination in the world


    Specifically pay attention to their plans to destroy iran and their 2030 UN objectives to subvert that nation as well
    The Iranian people have not a clue as to what their so called leaders have set up for them

    They are all lying to everyone around the world
    The Sanhedrin, Hasidic interpretation for the goy of the earth and the 7 NOAHIDE laws as put in place by

    THE VIRUS PREPLANNING AND THE LOCK DOWN OF THE ENTIRE PLANET AS PLANNED IN SWITZERLAND and their orders carried out by all nations to put all the lock down measures in place
    Trump approves 8 billion in funds under the radar – bill already waiting to be implemented prior to onset of said virus

    Pre planning exercises carried out to round up the people
    The virus will be used to label dissidents ‘infected’ and they will be forceably removed

    Wuhan, flip W upside down, M, anagram the word HUMAN as in
    These self appointed rulers of the earth have deemed that all other humans except from their blood lines are the
    HUMAN VIRUS plagueing the earth and must be removed

    And their world jesuit trained armies will carry out the global genocide

    Centuries in the making they have concealed their identities and falsified all history so as to entrap every being on this planet in their world wide web of lies

    I am a peaceful non combatant and wish to be left alone
    I share this information out of concern for every life on this planet

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