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4 Replies to “THE 166th BROADCAST OF THE T-ROH SHOW!”

  1. shelby

    Their Global Depopulation Program as published in 2000 (presented to Jimmy Carter and he is now a World Elder)- be sure to read all the pages through the links at bottom of page
    The Elders – should be noted they are all Free Masons

    Check the link below and find information on The Rockefeller Foundation and it’s patent of the ZIKA virus and it’s planned and calculated release 50 years after it’s patent

    Check out the information about Benensen Stategy Group and their FIRESIGN Salvage Program

    Make sure to note The Rockefeller Foundations involvement in the set up of Resilient Cities which ties back to this psychological operation after their planned FIRESIGN Operation

    Also note in the below link the Rockefeller Foundation connection and the destruction of the United States
    The Rockefeller plan to deindustrialize the United States of America and bring in NWO through the BRICS deal

    The public education that your kids are getting for the ‘new age’ and their brainwashed global workforce
    Teaching children ‘death education’ – must not reproduce or mate must eradicate the world of people to
    ‘Save Mother Earth’
    Robert Mueller and his role in the roll out of these programs in public schools
    Also note that Gorbachev is also listed in the above reports
    Note in link below he is front and center in the disarmament and closing of military bases (lower right corner)
    He is located off the coast of California in the Presidio
    Should be no surprise that he and MR Reagan were the ones who TORE DOWN THAT WALL now is it
    WORLD TROOP MAP – Adopted in 1952 by the World Association of World Parliamentarians for World Government
    THE EARTH CONSTITUTION and green global serfdom for all except the rich pricks leading this pack of wolves

    Also take note of the surveillance highways that was put in place by the Bush Administration
    As noted in the above link channelingreality the following
    The plan for full and complete disarmament explains why the 1991 Transportation legislation was not really about building roads – rather it was about implementing a police state surveillance system on our highways.
    George H. W. Bush, Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 199118

    Another link of interest
    And the one below explains how they have set the education system up to prepare for the world economy and the jobs the new brain wash children will have in the future

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