Guillotine carried by governor’s mansion as Puerto Rico protests escalate dramatically

Published by the Reign Bulletin on 01-24-2020


Guillotine carried by governor’s mansion as Puerto Rico protests escalate dramatically

Published  on January 23, 2020 By

Puerto Ricans continue to rise up against leaders of their country as disaster relief and resources remain kept from those who need it most.

Since last month, the American territory has been dealing with near-non-stop earthquakes on the south side of the island. But it has only been recently that they were able to gain access to emergency supplies, the National Guard said Tuesday.

“Residents were irate when two warehouses — one in the southern city of Ponce and another near San Juan — were found to be filled with thousands of abandoned supplies, apparently never used after Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017,” AFP reported this week.

While residents were already furious about the hurricane relief being held up in 2018, now they’re faced with it happening again.

It’s for that reason they took to the streets on Thursday. According to those posting on Twitter, the fury was evident when protesters began carrying a guillotine to the governor’s mansion.

You can see videos and photos from the protest below:

Joshua Potash@JoshuaPotash

Um, the people of Puerto Rico are carrying a guillotine to the Governor’s mansion right now.

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Guillotine Fred@guillotinefred

Fuck yeah! Puerto Rico knows what’s up! 4

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Adriana De Jesús Salamán@adrianadesala

.@noticel | Ya frente a la Alcaldía.

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Adriana De Jesús Salamán@adrianadesala

.@noticel | Los manifestantes cargan la guillotina de camno a La Fortaleza.

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Adriana De Jesús Salamán@adrianadesala

.@noticel | En el Capitolio. La marcha sale a las 6 p.m., según anunciaron por el altavoz. Se han cantado varias consignas contra la gobernadora Wanda Vázquez y referentes a los suministros hallados en Ponce.

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Adriana De Jesús Salamán@adrianadesala

.@noticel | “Wanda Vázquez dice que no se va. Es verdad, porque la vamos a sacar”, dicen por el altavoz y que recibió el aplauso de los presentes. Añaden que están cansados de que Thomas Rivera Schatz nombre jueces y piden que se vaya, no solo del Senado, sino del país.

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Guillotine with Puerto Rico’s black flag of resistance in front of the capitol building. 📸: @SarahMolinari

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Arelis R. Hernández


A Puerto Rican guillotine of the resistance flag. Worth noting, Puerto Rico has one of the highest indices of income inequality in the world. Protester tells me that they want to move up elections now to remove the current government. “We gave them a chance, and they struck out.”

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Terry Iacone@terrryiacone

This is a depraved unforgivable act! And the symbol of the guillotine in front of the Governor’s mansion is very apropos, and should be scaring people like the mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulin, who on camera accused Trump of not giving aid to Puerto Rico! 

David Begnaud


BREAKING: Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State confirms more warehouses on the island stocked with aid.

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If anyone knows who built and brought that guillotine to the Virginia rally. Please have them contact me. I would really like to have them skype into one of our shows. I want to shake their hands and buy them a beer.

brian south@briansouth10

I read the guillotine was in Puerto Rico. Protesters calling for the removal of government officials who hid disaster relief causing many deaths.

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