You’ll Be Speechless When You Realize….THIS IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA!

Published by the Reign Bulletin on 12-10-2019


Sadistic Nazi’s in Maricopa County Arizona

These officers services are the real threat, fire them all and place them in prison for the rest of their lives, they are a danger to society. 

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    II feel for this young lady and it brings back the very real memory ,I would love to forget but never will .I was sitting in a room in medical all alone when one male guard and about 4 female medical workers approached me with abig needle, in San Juan County,Dentention Center ,Farmington ,New Mexico , as the maleguard was smashing my nose on to a cement bench I screamed “Jesus God!” He yelled “there is no such thing !” I felt my neck break they put a black bag over my head and strapped me to a torcher chair .A woman would come by touch my foot andsay “She still breathing .” she did this about 3 times in about an hour ,Yahushua I felt by my side he unstrapped me and said”is this how you treat my people when I’m gone?” I wokeup in a4x4 room with apee drain ,taken to the bathroom I seen I had 2 huge black eyes.Then taken to Sheriff’s room where S.Kiley (one of them that kidnapped and brought me there) arrested me forassault and battery on apeace officer and meical workers. I said”I’m the one that was !beat !!”Ive heard the same as this young lady (you need to calm down !).THEY NEED TO LEAVE US THE F— ALONE! !NOT KIDNAP US DRUG US AND BEAT US,THEN TELL US WE NEED TO CALM DOWN !!!AND they act like we are the ones that did something wrong .NO and all I can say is …..Im glad Im not them when we meet the Maker that is the only way I will ever get Justice. Thank Yahweh this young lady has it on video and has a Mom that cares,I pray for her to be able to forget the evil pure evil incident ! !!!and put all of them away for life.!!!, I had no video and did 6 months solitary ,because I called 911 for help for my sister that was being beat by her ex boyfriend,then I did adrug class for the San Juan County Sheriffs at the request of apublic pretender ,Emailed it as instructed( they never had anyone do a drug class likeI did) they did not like my dedication to my friend Randy Lee Sills .Next morning December 18 , 2013 I was kidnapped by two San Juan County Sheriffs.They told me my charges were that I was suicidal (I’ve never been suicidal ).I pray for Justice for this young lady in the name of Yahushua and Thank you Yahushua for unstrapping me and getting me out of there . Thank you forever grateful !Please helpall the young ladies that are treated like this in places that are supposed to help victims of Rape and Incest ,that are cutting them selves ,The employees torcher the victims! I know I was the one that would hug them while they cried and told me the many things that had happened to them . Awoman


    And my answer to the question above (Who would tapethisandput it to the public?) Thank Yahushua!There are very few but some of us do work for Yahweh .Thank you Bless you who ever got it to the public!

  3. Culper Ring

    Well, in other countries, be them in the Western bloc or beyond, either nobody even has the opportunity to leak things like this or a person who does so risks punishments far beyond merely being fired or sued, in addition to facing censorship with impunity. They pretend like abuses never even occur, and the lack of leaks leaves the public none the wiser. In the United States, we have some of the most powerful systems for mitigating abuses.

    • trustee

      Not if your plan is to allow Islam in and let them take over. Not one Islamic person is allowed to leak something like this in a Islamic country.

      Notice to all listeners of THE T-ROH SHOW: This guy has converted to Islam and tries to use this website to promote his channel and sell his crap just like any thief. Stealing is ok because we are non-Islam at THE T-ROH SHOW according to his belief. When he converted to Islam, he became an enemy of the United States which is why he promotes the United States. Promoting the United States is a cover until Islam becomes majority. When that happens, it is over and you will see the real Culper Ring.

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