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  1. Elizabeth Anne Wallace

    Why are there no comments ? So, I just got a week from the foreclosure on my home in Oregon and got the big picture on all of the stealing of property..I want to say private property but very few know they do not own anything without protecting it. The BARS monitor all the property, debt collection, real estate, HOA, and courts…..every one of them is involved down to the title companies waiting on a property to sell adding everything they can and triggering all and any debt collection to write off on the house even without a hearing and paid for and recorded lien on someones house so the county and circuit courts are also involved with the judges. Anyone wishing to hear me out on all of this please contact me, I am exiled out of my marriage -my home, this state all the way to the poorest places in the nation to live with my family and even movers upping their prices so people are forced into surrendering everything.My family is just destroyed but God will not be mocked nor anyone stealing


    I am not surprised and Thank you kind Man I’m so sorry you had your invention stole from you ,Now I will use it (Facebook) to spred the News That you are the Inventer of Facebook not that ugly redhead Mark Zuckface.Thank you !

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