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4 Replies to “THE 156th BROADCAST OF THE T-ROH SHOW!”

  1. Carter Williams Grant

    Statesmanship, at it’s best! I ask the listeners, Is there any head of State around the world who could, and would, speak to the people with this level of sincerity, clarity, cold truth and plain speak as this man is doing right here. Is one free to be a slave? I suppose so. But to tell a man he’s a slave is to free him. Thank you T-ROH for this true expression of respect and compassion. Some of us weren’t built for bondage, still it seems some of us were. But it’s the in-between masses whos’ silence is so perplexing and surely allows the current slave system to perpetuate like a savage starving beast. May this message go far and wide and smack right through the middle. May one day, all men and women know love for their nation and respect for it’s people. And keep it!

  2. Theresa Harvey

    This speaks to the two-tiered justice system we have – “just-us.” It’s deeply shocking. What is our remedy? Sue for slavery? Who among the lawyers would take on, could take on such a challenge? Are not those of the BAR first loyal to the Queen? Where to turn? What’s the wise path to take to real citizenship?

    This information on the Republican Party being under the KKK is fascinating – & scary.

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