Six Cities Become “Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn” and Ban Killing Babies in Abortions

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A glimmer of hope within the State of Texas wherein at least one man invited the holy spirit in and is showing others the error of their ways. Hopefully one day the State will do the same. Attempting to legalize Public Sacrifices of children to Moloch and Baphomet is and always will be a crime. Public murders cannot be legalized: LINK 


Abortion clinics change the viewpoint of entire communities, a pastor who is working to outlaw abortion locally says.

So far, six small towns in Texas have banned abortion clinics with his help, and towns in four other states have shown an interest in doing the same.

Pastor Mark Dickson says he sees a difference between the town of Shreveport, Louisiana, a large city where an abortion clinic operates, and his own hometown of Longview, Texas.

“It’s a view of life as a whole,” Dickson told The Daily Signal in a phone interview. “If we can say a child is not worth living because they may be born in a poor environment, or a child is not worth living because their mother was raped, that encourages the idea that situations devalue us as human beings.”

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Dickson, 34, is not only the pastor of SovereignLOVE Church in Longview, but also director of Right to Life East Texas. Along with Texas Right to Life, a separate pro-life group, his organization works to outlaw abortion one town at a time. His website is called Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn.

Pastor Mark Dickson strikes a pose Tuesday outside the city hall of Mount Enterprise, Texas, one of the towns that some residents hope will become a “sanctuary city for the unborn.” (Photo courtesy of Mark Dickson)

Kathaleen Pittman, administrator at the abortion clinic in Shreveport, Hope Medical Group for Women, argues that the primary reason women get abortions is finances.

“They simply can’t afford another child,” Pittman said in an email interview with The Daily Signal. “The majority of women we see already have one or more children.”

To combat the viewpoint that life’s value comes from circumstance, Dickson helped the Texas towns of Waskom, Gilmer, Naples, Joaquin, Tenaha, and Omaha to outlaw creation of abortion clinics within their borders.

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The population of the six towns totals 11,814. Shreveport has more than 192,000 residents, while Longview, Dickson’s hometown, has more than 81,000 residents.

Right now, Dickson helps lead a campaign to ban abortion in more Texas towns, including Mount Enterprise, Mount Vernon, Madisonville, White Oak, Carthage, Henderson, Greenville, and Abilene.

Right to Life East Texas has yet to approach the Longview City Council about passing an abortion ban, although he says many residents of his hometown would like to see one.

Dickson, whose church belongs to the East Texas Baptist Network, said that when people believe their value comes from their situation, they feel worthless when life’s troubles weigh on them.

If they think abortion is better for mothers and babies than a hard life is, he said, they also will think death is preferable to facing struggles in their own lives.

“It adds to this suicide culture. People want to end their lives,” Dickson said.

In contrast, the pastor said, he offers compassion born from a belief that all people are valuable before God.

“We’re going to support mothers. We’re going to support them in any way possible, but we won’t help them kill their child,” he said.



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