The inhabitants of the State of Texas have been exposed as declaring war against the Holy Spirit!

In the past couple of days we have been exposing the satanists in the State of Texas that claims to be mainly Christian. However, actions are much louder than words. Make no mistake, Texans can talk big on the surface and claim they are really good Christian people helping each other etc.. The reality is that they are no different than anyone else and have declared war thereby choosing the side of the Baal Peor worshipers against the Holy Spirit and have openly denied the Holy Spirit. See video below.

Texans claim they protect the innocent, however they attack the innocent in the name of their god Baphomet and Moloch.

The Texans we are seeing have turned to satanism. One judge yesterday involved himself in torture of someone he has in his custody and his name will be exposed real soon. We have so much evidence of war crimes, human rights violations, violations of the Law of Nations, violations of their own constitution it is bordering on pathetic.  This is why we call them the village retards because they have turned against Jesus/Yahushua and Yahweh, they have turned against the Holy Spirit thereby making war in the name of Moloch and Baphomet.

Now watch what happens, they will attack THE T-ROH SHOW for exposing them rather then repenting and going back to the Holy Spirit, which makes us correct in calling them the village retards.


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