6 Replies to “The regulation of the police is now in the hands of the inhabitants!”


    I find this very hard to believe ,because,In Colorado its a right to shoot State ,my friends son was held captive ,sodomized ,beat ,stabbed with a sword for hours in his own apartment,by a so called man (his mom and brother wrote and testified against the attacker vietnam vet ) mother and son of this attacker testified that they were scared of him ,for years and almost thanked young 18 yr old Eric . I went to court with his family I knew them all ery well . Eric was sentenced to 5 years probation and had to pay the funeral bill .

  2. Carter Grant

    So telling that this unalienable right has to be remunerated in statute by the poser nation, ie.. U.S. citizens are stateless. Also amazing, what boot lickers the so called journalists are with their perplexed looks and confused remarks. The inhabitants are lucky to have Judge Napalitano still allowed to spoon feed them truth bits.

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