3 Replies to “Google Will Steal This Election w/ Dr. Robert Epstein”

  1. Shelby

    They don’t have to steal anything, although they stealing everything in sight – they already know who the new CEO of the US CORPORATION will be

  2. localherog2

    So what! What do we care? It’s a foreign entity that I/we have no say in. Isn’t that the whole point of The United States of America?

    • trustee

      Hello Gary, looking forward to your resident declaration so that you are a part of The United States of America sometime soon. THE T-ROH SHOW is an independent media that does not answer to The United States of America nor does it speak for The United States of America. THE T-ROH SHOW is a part of the American National Press Union, but it has to remain independent so that its evidence and record is neutral in all court proceedings. The publishing you were referring to in your comment was published because of the information uncovered about how Google does what they do to peoples minds so when aware of the tactics, they no longer work on anyone. The publishing had nothing to do with any company corporation election. We have to copy and paste the original title of the publication to make sure the original writer of the piece does not have the right to claim copyright infringement. Just because we have immunity from such suits does not mean we have the right to violate the rights of foreign media journalists.

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