6 Replies to “THE 136th BROADCAST OF THE T-ROH SHOW!”

  1. Valerie A Moorman

    A Private Corporation CANNOT give political asylum to anyone. They do not have that authority! So how and why are they getting away with such corruption?

  2. Valerie A Moorman

    These criminal attorney’s are in violation of their own rules and regulations. For example Title 28 states that there is only one action and that is “Civil” the criminal was never codified.


    I will never forget when a public pretender told me “the cops are now prosecuting thier own cases and ,I’m the one deciding the case !” She was pissed that I filed a motion to quash ,with out her knowledge she said “what?what did you file ?your not supposed to file any thing for your case only I can !” My reply “well you did not do it !” She proceded to tell me that San Juan County had different laws than the rest of the State of New Mexico ” it’s a system ‘! I told her ” Its not my system and San Juan County is Guilty of Involuntary Servitude .”….

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