3 Replies to “New raw video on the Pentagon being hit by a plane or was it?”

  1. Valerie A Moorman

    I had a friend who worked for Lockheed Martin at the time and he said it was a ground to air missal. It was launched out of a garbage truck.

    • localherog2

      Just like there were no planes on 9-11, there were no missiles either. Just a pre-planned explosion/demolition with the area cleared beforehand.

  2. tim

    it was launched from a ship in the atlantic.the Navy general that was called to the impact zone did not want to get involved in IRAQ and wouldn’t let the navy participate so they dispatched him.the poor quality arial video came from the big white c130 flying around,marvin bush ‘s companies stratatech / sacureacom had the security
    contracts at the WTC and Dullas airports

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