3 Replies to “You Are Being Groomed”

  1. John Mark Adams

    I saw this coming when they first came out. I was asking people why do you want to put a small book to your ear? The rest was to arrive soon as they ramped up the agenda and technology. I still have a flip phone, but the powers that be try to tempt individuals into wanting to need a smart phone. I say bah, hum bug. Let’s return to slower ways of communicating so we can at least think a little.

  2. redstar11

    omg..this is scary everything is a app. i have no problem getting rid of my phone . i am going to pass this video to everybody I can reach .thank you for sending me the video …

  3. redstar11

    big changes is taking place ..my phone is acting human it cuts on when it wants to.i’m passing this around to the elders as well , they are pushing these phone

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