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  1. Elizabeth

    I am so grateful for the diligence being observed here. To see the real news is so hard to find now.

    Love the boots on the ground kind a guys!! Raw & Real.No mincing pretty words in this kind of environment!

    The speed that this was accomplished is outstanding. 0 injuries in 17 days of completion, all the while working on 31% upgrade is what happens when these guys want to be there. Not there just for the m money, but because it is the right thing to do.

    Hundreds of years over due. The invasion is finally drying up!!! Along with all the slush funds… I can hear Pelosi & minions screaming from all the way up here in Canada.

    I love the passion for righteousness in Foreman Mike’s voice. That would be called “righteous indignation.’The FACT he is standing up for women & children, is “another” so long over due. I solute you guys for stopping the human trafficking against the innocent.

    Let the righteous be known by their deeds, we have all had enough of empty, fluffy words.

    Being an ex-pipeliner myself as boots on the ground for 5 years & working 12+ hour days in -40 below, the last thing you need to put up with is idiots. I so get the manifested focus of doing what is right, not just what is right for one self. I saw so much dog-fornicating going on while out there as boots on the ground & the absolute stupidity going on with people being killed over thoughtlessness. And when I would speak up about the lack of integrity, I was the one chastised. It never takes long for jealousy to raise it’s ugly mug.

    Typical white hat, Foreman Mike!. Driving around with his seat belt alarm doing off. Made me laugh!!! These guys hop in & out of their trucks so many times per shift. That is WHY they don’t do it up & they get so used to listening to it they just shut it out. But I know it will annoy those who don’t have a clue what it means to be the boots on the ground.

    He is a red neck for sure!

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