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2 Replies to “THE 130th BROADCAST OF THE T-ROH SHOW!”

  1. admin

    Yep Matthew Emerson is good for something lolololo . I am So happy to hear your new found excitement . I have had a few different experiences with Yahushua (Jesus )One time he took me out of a torture chair that I was strapped into after the Male Guard and medical workers broke my neck and where waiting for me to quit breathing .When the male guard had the back of my neck ,smashing my nose down on a cement bench ,I screamed “God Jesus !!” The guard screamed “there is no such thing !”I yelled “Oh Yes there is !” As I sat in the chair with a black bag over my head ,(thinking they were going to chop off my head because I believed ) a nurse (so called ) kept coming by touching my foot ,she would say “shes still breathing ,” about 3 times she did this . I am a peaceful little 4 ‘ 11 ” est 125 lb lady that was brutally kidnapped by two 6’ 250 lb – 300 lb San Juan County Sheriffs ,as I sat being pulled apart in that chair I felt, never seen, just felt physically a warm body come up against my right side ,he said” relax your arm don’t try to move it yet “as gently as he started taking off the straps . I heard him say to the (evil ones Guards at San Juan County detention center in Farmington ,New Mexico ) ” this is how you treat my people when I’m gone ?” The San Juan County 11th Judicial District Courts in Aztec ,New Mexico are where the gates of Hell are . My evidence ( by my friend ,the late Winfred P. Adams USAF major retired )against them was filed at the County Recorder a couple of months or weeks before the kidnapping ,and my friend Randy Lee Sills was murdered by cops in that same jail because of what his Dad ,Harley Sills ,Paul ,and Kennith Gomez knew about the oligarchy, impersonators, aiding and abetting the foreign enemy BAR and Secret Society of evil running involuntary servitude ,peonage ,murder black magic so called courts . My story never changes never will . Thank you Yahushua ,Jesus ,Robby he answers , he hears hearts .

  2. lynnschmaltz

    We are encountering a lot these days. Here is one way we alleviate some of what is around us:
    Here are links to our Workshop last week. Enjoy!

    Part 1:


    Part 2:

    Use this link to order; if you are an American National of of one of the States of you may take your discount, then
    pay with 1/2 continental dollars and 1/2 of the other stuff we all have to use right now. For assistance just email

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