BRYAN GLENN PARKER from Florida (hereinafter- “BRYAN”) has earned another spot of THE T-ROH SHOW. For the last three weeks,  BRYAN  has been slinging mud personally, meaning lying, twisting the truth into some real vile narratives all over the FACEBOOK group known as Tactical Sovereignty against the host of THE T-ROH SHOW.

Basically it is a group that has all of these scam processes pushed on people to scam them out of a buck or two like claiming they can get a state citizen passport for a fee of 49.00 dollars per month.

Further, telling people that by authenticating their birth certificate can get them out of United States inc. 


Example of a joke process:

To make it really clear, no one did anything to BRYAN to deserve his constant stalking he has been doing for the last three weeks. BRYAN has been posting wanted pictures of the host of THE T-ROH SHOW in an effort to demonize the host and possibly cause the host to be murdered at any given point. The host of THE T-ROH SHOW believes that BRYAN is doing all of this slander and personal attacks against this host and others to promote these gurus and their scam processes. 

However, the real BRYAN was exposed a couple of months ago when his house caught on fire. We all know that a house fire can be tragic and devastating for anyone. In BRYAN’s case, it was worse because the house fire was contained in his kitchen and basically went out on its own. According to BRYAN’s own words, he left his puppies in the house and stated that he heard them crying and did absolutely nothing to even try to save them.  However, when the firemen got there, he had no problem asking them to go into the house to get his puppies. Then BRYAN praised the bravery of the firemen that tried to at least 30 minutes to revive those poor little puppies that BRYAN failed to go and try to save. He didn’t even try to break a window or anything, he just sat there and did nothing and let his innocent puppies die from smoke inhalation. They were not even close to the flames when all was said and done.  

If anyone knows the host of THE T-ROH SHOW, the host absolutely loves animals wherein the host of this show, after hearing this story out of the mouth of BRYAN himself, the heart sunk and all respect went out the window. If BRYAN had tried to save his puppies and failed would have been one thing, however out of BRYAN’s own mouth he waited until the fire department arrived and asked them, another man to risk his own life for BRYAN’s babies as he called them, something BRYAN could not and would not do himself and obviously enough time had passed between BRYAN getting to the house, hearing the puppies crying and the puppies dying by smoke inhalation. There was enough time to at least try to save those animals. 

The host of this show calls that a cowardly act, to make it even worse, BRYAN attempted to gain sympathy from everyone as it pertained to the tragedy. BRYAN is already trying to change the story claiming he arrived just before the fire department, but there are many witnesses to the story that BRYAN told right after it happened and asked for donations to help when he has insurance to replace everything. None of the witnesses that heard BRYAN’s story first hand has any reason to lie about this story told by BRYAN except BRYAN. That means many witnesses against one man that thrives on sympathy and was asked about 50 questions to get a real picture of the events. 

Regardless, BRYAN has been publishing a lot of slander in the last three weeks relentlessly and no charges have been file against BRYAN for his international crimes of personally attacking public office holders too numerous to mention here. 

This story on record should give some light into the slimy little weasel BRYAN really is and how far he will go to make a buck and gain sympathy which makes us all wonder if BRYAN let those animals die on purpose because of his addiction to sympathy. BRYAN is not trusted in anyway and anyone that sees him should get away as fast as they can because in reality BRYAN is helping the New World Order in every way possible with BRYAN’s efforts to destroy the Government of The United States of America and its office holders.  This story and facts were not told because it seems that BRYAN has a lot of personal issues and comes on the ANU calls and National assembly calls drunk thereby slurring his words and saying bizarre things and repeating himself, however BRYAN has crossed many lines of decency in the last three weeks and the host of this show and many others are simply tired of the constant stalking and doxxing.  Maybe this reality may help BRYAN go and seek the help he needs through counseling. Tough love has its purpose. 

This comment by BRYAN on his YouTube says it all on his personal feelings about his house fire that makes someone think that investigates house fires as to whether the fire was deliberate or not. 




    • trustee

      Hello Mr. Kelby, we have noticed that you have not removed the video accusing the Government of The United States of America of murdering people and threatening feds etc… You pray in one breath and spew false accusations in another breath, we call that a scam. Request denied until we see real change and not just lip service.

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