Addressing rumors that the “T-ROH guys” have been arrested!


The simple answer is that “the T-ROH GUYS”  have not been arrested. These are rumors started by the same people to scare others into listening to their B.S theories. 

Mark Frost planted the seed and then came up with this garbage theory a couple of comments later:

Mark Frost along with David Jose and Mark Higgens are still complaining that Higgens was ripped off to the tune of 1650.00 by the Government of The United States of America. That package has been cancelled by the Government of The United States of America since that time. 

Here is the truth about that bogus claim. Mr. Higgens did a resident declaration about a year ago. The next step was to register his person with the Government of The United States of America. Mr., Higgens was told at least 10 times to do the next step. He never did in that time period. The Government receives a message that Mr. Higgens was in a automobile accident because the Government did not hear from Mr. Higgens for about three months. So he was told one more time to register his person when he came back so it could be published in the newspaper. Mr. Higgens waited a while longer and in January of 2019, Mr. Higgens finally registered his person. Mr. Higgens person was then published in the newspaper. The office of the registrar was asking for proof of publication to proceed to the next step. Mr. Higgens did not send the link to the office of the registrar: LINK  Another office had to do that for him. The next day Mr. Higgens was going to receive the links to the Driver’s license and bond signing. The night before Mr. Higgens went crazy with all of these accusations that were simply not true. Mr. Higgens contacted David Jose, his son in law and then got him going with the same accusations. Mr. Higgens links are still waiting for him to sign the docs and move forward. It is believed that this was all a setup: LINK

Mark Frost attempted to take over the id cards the first week he declared residency, when he was turned down immediately, his feelers were hurt and started reading past documents and twisting their meanings into something vile that would make him look good and popular.  That is what jealous people do. Mark Frost has some serious emotional issues that need to be addressed.

David Jose is still claiming that his uncle was ripped off today without checking the facts or even asking what happened.

David destroyed any honor he had with the false claims of his Uncle, Mr. Higgens. David Jose exiled his own person, Mr. Higgens exiled his own person, and Mark Frost exiled his own person. The only way to live with the guilt and simply being idiots is try to demonize the Government of The United States of America and attack others personally. What they do not know is that the people know the truth and they simply make fools of themselves every time they open their mouth. Everyone knows the truth as to what happened with each of these men , so we let them bury their own honor in the bottomless pit until they finally humble themselves and do the right thing.

The Government of The United States of America has seen this happen at least 80 times in the past nine years. What happens is that men like this are overwhelmed with the spirit of despair and go crazy. We have to wait until they can over come that spirit before they can move forward with becoming real countrymen. Just waiting for boys to become men.



Published 04-25-2019



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  1. James Robertson Daneke

    Sent out of the Assembly to fend for themselves. Sad.
    He must have never considered the cost before he committed.
    Bunch of nonsense over foreign currency.

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