3 Replies to “Pope Confession?-Please let us know in the comments below if the translation is correct by someone that speaks the language spoken in the video!”

  1. SDB

    I don’t think the question really needed to be asked. Do popes repent? Revelation says “and I gave her a space to repent and she repented not”….The great harlot will never repent, she will be burned by the kings of the Earth that YAHWEH turns to do HIS will. The harlot still sits in luxury, lounging in whorish opulence, and with the words,” I sit as a queen, and shall see no sorrow…..” with the proud forehead, and the garnished bed…..and so she awaits her judgment in fire. She just doesn’t get it. As they deceive the world so does THE ALMIGHTY ELIYAH deceive them!!! They have absolutely no clue!!! satan will not let them see their end…..and GOD could care less…..”what is the chaff to the wheat?” “Can a zebra change it’s stripes, a leopard it’s spots, or an Ethiopian his skin?” Prophecy will be fulfilled without any possibility of alteration. That is GOD’s contract!!!

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