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4 Replies to “THE 116th BROADCAST OF THE T-ROH SHOW!”

  1. Trent Windsley Sailor,PMA

    I noticed at approximately minute 45 the healthcare first responder said he is DOA and she made a determination and then found him breathing. Was she prepped by the cops on that too? It appears that the DOJ is colluding without any investigation. In that they were brought in on the matter by official capacity yet did not act in their lawful capacity and further left the scene of a crime without fulfilling their office. What the hell are you men paid to do? Participate in murder or investigate the facts? Either way, you and the DOJ deserve to be dismantled over this one clear incident. Your complicit nature in the matter declares your assassin value. This is once again a clear depiction of your calls and actions. It is not justice, it is private agenda and cover up. Your blinding curtain that you throw upon your job is evident of your ultimate calling. Enjoy the depths of your guilt and shame, it will one day be handsomely rewarded. One day David Koresh, Randy Weaver’s bride and Robert LaVoy Finicum and quite possibly many others will witness at your trials. One day soon. Count on it. And to those local and State Police, your deeds shall follow you too. Hopefully some day soon your compatriots will get the courage up to expose you and your dirty deeds done dirt cheap. The all seeing Eyes do not miss a beat and your deeds shall be shouted from the roof tops! Count on it, too.

  2. wileceote

    The dispatcher laughs along and states “hallelujah”, herself. This is after she responds to the question asked if they would be recording. Her response is “yes”. Wouldn’t that be used as evidence, Their own recording? She even gives an “amen” after his prayer.
    If Sgt. Folsom is implying that he was shot at, where is the bullet casing? Does his holstered gun have any rounds missing from it’s magazine? And like what was repeated, how could the gun be holstered if even one shot was fired?

  3. Dianne Murphy Morrison

    This happened in Missouri, a veritable shithole!! I notice the date on the watch was 1/15/2010. At that time I was in a county jail in Missouri and received no due process. Par for the course in that horrible state. i wouldn’t even fly over it!

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