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  1. TrueNorthernStar

    I was screening through the comments posted on Islam & it’s foothold in Europe. Being a “WHY WOMAN,” I am always asking why… So through some digging, found these links posted below.

    Please note the word ‘colonised’ used in the YouTube Video Heading and throughout the video it’s self by Alain Wagner called The Reasons Why Europe is being colonised by Muslims. This entrenched colonizing happening across the earth has been going on for centuries. And this event happening here to Canada is becoming more and more evident by the exposing of the propaganda of the NWO plan.

    You wonder why we are so stupid up here? The level/ depth of mind wiping, torture-based mind control, programming, electronic torture & harassment, food/ air / water poisoning is insurmountable.It is about taking over North America, not just the United States of America. We are way more rich in Natural resources then our neighbors to the south. That certainly does explain why we are the cannon fauder used against the United States of America. Just as Mexico is being used from the south. Always their perverted 3. And ALL under the cloak of national security (the securing of their bank accounts / trusts / foundations…. I digress.)

    This could be considered the ‘parent’ of the muslin brotherhood. Unfortunately, there is no alive link shortener here, so I have left the entire link as is. Cut & paste or write it out, if need be.

    Alain gives excellent insight from apparent research on WHY Muslims are allowed to be treated as royalty on our soil by shedding light into the processes used & the initialization planted decades ago. Once again, OPEC is involved. The blackmailing globally that has resulted is staggering, to say the least. All from this plan by this casual consent being demonstrated through the implanting of Islamic communities preserved in their entirety with no expectation of integration into our culture under their acting as if they are first in line, aka; Sharia Law. And then there is the Why we are able to do nothing about it. How is that for depressing? Or more correctly, oppressing.

    Starting to sound an awful lot like a wAr CrImE, everywhere I see!! (I will not sing the rest of here today, you’d have to put your big undies on … Just think of the Christmas Carol, “Starting to look a lot like Christmas.” Hummm that little diddie to the beginning of my song. … By George, you’ve got it!!

    On soberingly serious note, Lord, help us all.

    Elizabeth AKA: TrueNorthernStar


    Alain Wagner: The reasons why Europe is being colonised by Muslims / @ 12:21 in Video on ISESCO.

    ISESCO = Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, linked to Muslim Brotherhood.

    OIC = Organization of Islamic Cooperation

    Ummah = Islamic Believers

    Islamic Summits held in Doha in 2000 (Equivalent to Islamic United Nations)

    Strategies for Islamic Cultural Action Outside the Islamic World. PDF
    Adopted by the 9th Islamic Summit Conference
    Doha – State of Qatar,
    November 2000
    Publications of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization-ISESCO- Rabat – Morocco – 1430H/2009 A.D

    Strategy for Benefiting from Muslim Competencies in the West PDF

    Rabat Declaration on Child’s Issues in the Member States of the Organization of the Islamic Conference PDF

    PDF’s found on

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