Internal Revenue Trust-Exposing Birth Certificate Fraud, How many ways the people are being attacked. Continental Dollar…




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6 Replies to “THE 107th BROADCAST OF THE T-ROH SHOW!”

  1. Shelby

    I’ve got some documents that you need to review in regards to what you spoke about
    They actually have coucils of government set up and training the children and working them into regionalism to work in their designated zones that they live in (FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities)
    They also have Foreign Trade Zones set up within the continental United States that are run by their own boards?
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  2. Thomas & Lisa Eilertson

    where can I find or can you send me the document info on Tortious interference with Expectancy of Inheritance or a gift as we are dealing with a case now and corrupt attorney and five greedy brothers who also robbed us.

  3. ronald mercer

    The obvious reason corporate Trump will not seek continental dollar funding for the boarder wall is a perceived currency competition with the federal reserve note. It is not about getting the job done, or the will of the American people. It’s about the funding source. Trump, the banker president, will not deal outside his corporate currency. Trump’s corporate interest always supersedes the public interest.

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