Why you can’t win in court!


Altruism Status and Trust in the Law of Gifts and Gratuitous Promises

Trust Indenture Act Of 1939



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13 Replies to “THE 106th BROADCAST OF THE T-ROH SHOW!”

  1. David

    why did she have to go to court at all? She could have written a declaration and sent it? Who’s rule says that she must go in open voice to private court?
    why should she take her time a resources and put herself in a threatening situation?
    why go to a private court in the first place unless guaranteed a public trial?
    why play a roll in a trust that you didn’t create and you are not a aware exist because it’s been intentionally hidden from you. Said trust is absolutely fraud. why not prove the trust if fraud and counter sue therefore expose the fraud. Do you honestly thing she should participate in fraud? if so then why not participate with another court and lawsuit aimed at exposing the fraud. What’s worse is that, dismissed or not dismissed, they will come again and try again with the same fraud perpetuating it exponentially, from the first absurdity to the last. This is not the answer and cannot be because maybe it can solve a situation but it certainly does not address the big picture. It is interesting and if we are to know what we are dealing with it’s detailed and maybe helpful so that’s good but still will not solve the problem.

    • trustee

      So you complain if there is a peaceful solution and complain if there is not a peaceful solution. Either way, keeping the war going seems to be your solution.

  2. Shelby

    Can you please look in to these Council of Governments that are set up all over the United States
    I believe that these private membership associations are implementing UN Agenda 21
    And you can bet the American people have no clue that these private orgainizations exist
    All comment amde without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. Shelby

    They’re working to cash in on all those personal trust one death at a time
    Not many people find these video’s but I think it is worth a view by you and your teams
    SMART Cities, SMART cars, SMART appliances all of this is coming out of Is ra el and the 5G is about their IoT (Internet of Things) and running and surveillance of the FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities
    Anyway hope this gives you more information to help the cause for all of humanity
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. AG

    Is there a transcript of the woman in the story, talking to the judge? Telling him that the trustee for the person is there and the beneficiaries have already been named. Would like to hear what type of reply, and or resistance was given by any members of the court before the dismissal . Thanks for that great show .

      • Robert K. Hitsman

        But Mom didn’t let us know what was in the affidavit, that is part of understanding some of the evidence and why Judge was a jerk, but they all are and lie on the bench.

  5. Jennifer Mitchell

    Could you kindly inform me of which court you can trust especially when children and women are at risk in domestic violence divorce situation?

  6. 3

    Great call! My only question is what was her affidavit or did she give up a COLB or BC? If you are in a municipal Civil Court for a 3rd party debt collector, and there isn’t a prosecutor, can this be said in open court while looking at the Atty that’s suing you?

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