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3 Replies to “THE 105th BROADCAST OF THE T-ROH SHOW!”


    None of this is ok – I do not consent to any of their crap and I want out out out
    Keith I would love to get an email for you so that we can communicate please – my email is attached to this comment please send me your email


    santa does not come from coca cola santa is satan red and black with the n moved thats it it is the worship of nimrod the 25 of dec is his birthday

  3. TrueNorthernStar

    The rainbow is used by trudeau in the gay pride parades here a lot and has been used for years by the twits. The baby arm holding the apple is symbolic of a man’s erection. This has been said many times by men in arrogance about how big it is. Just telling you what I know. I didn’t say it nor did I make the sick statute. The snake has been used by the catholic, anglican and such churches aka satanic temples, in the ‘school’ setting here in Canada with the indigenous children ( I am included within this status overlay) to shock and split the personality of the child to compliance in sexual abuse, beastiality and the such which turns ‘us’ into obedient slaves. Through shock trauma into submission.

    Killary clinton & Huma Abedin’s video that was found on Weiner’s laptop was about a child’s face being fillayed off of her alive and then drinking her blood after they drained her out for the rush they believe they get from this when the chemicals released by fear into the blood. Also, eating/drinking our own blood causes Kuru disease, same as Mad Cows’ disease. Insanity, dementia etc.

    These people who had to view this sick twisted act of hate for love, innocence & purity had to have physiatric help after viewing the video. I pray EVERYONE wake up real soon.

    We have supreme court here saying it is ok to let a dog lick a child’s’ privates smeared in peanut butter and that is not concidered beastiality because there was no penitration. This is stated to demonstrate the severity of their perverseness.

    We need your prayers and support. They are using us to take over you. Cannon fodder from the north. I am an American just as much as you folks are. Put us back into your constitution, just like it was when my founding forefathers came to this land. We fought alongside you. We wanted the same thing you did then and want it more even today.

    Freedom to worship the real king. Freedom to breath, have a future, to love freely. As my family crest represents, Knighthood. Land clearers. We were used by them then to do the heavy work. We were used as cannon fodder then by them to clear, build, establish home in the roughest of land. Manitoba, Canada. Northern North America. Just as they have used me to do the heavy work my entire life. I ask you to listen to your forefathers just as I must myself.
    Elizabeth-Faye AKA: TrueNorthernStar

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