The Ninety Sixth Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW


Explaining Municipal Court Proceeding in detail and how persons are trafficked. 

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8 Replies to “The Ninety Sixth Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

  1. KPB

    Did he volunteer to appear in court or was he brought in forcibly?
    If forcibly then he might firstly state “I am trafficked into this venue against my will under duress.”
    … And perhaps all he needed to say when he approached the satanist was “I claim common law jurisdiction and and I waive the benefits.”
    … When asked to make a plea of guilty or innocent; reply: “I do not consent I and waive the benefits”.
    Has he been released? Is he free to contest his unlawful hijack? etc… I hope there’s some followup on this coming.

  2. Wayne Bachmann

    Same type and age of so-called judge I dealt with last Tuesday. I told him I do not stand under anything you say. Case closed, but he kept the bail. Getting ready to file criminal charges on him after 22 days.

  3. Robert

    Once this was dismissed and later the young man, some how got a notice from this court, he should have refused to contract with them by stating on the form that was served him that, “I do not consent to contracting with this court nor do I consent to the courts enforcement of this contract nor do I recognize the jurisdiction of this court” have this notarized with two witnesses then place it into public records and get a certified copy, copy it and send a copy to the judge and all others involved. Also send a registered copy to the Secretary of State of Kansas and to the Sec. of St. in D.C. They will place it into a national data base for all to see. This will later protect him from any further fraud by these criminals.

  4. Joseph Rorie

    The Black robes were chosen because England had white robes. No proof exist that a Satanic motive was involved. What is clear is that the States formed a strict Christian Confederacy.

  5. Carolyn Olson

    So he has a PMA with you and you aren’t sending a letter on his behalf? What is the point of working with your Government if you aren’t even stepping up to assure your own population isn’t being thrown in their prisons? I heard you say his case was dismissed…you aren’t SO outraged to even send a notice to HIS BOSS? It was very disappointing to hear you guys laughing as you were giving this very serious information which I don’t find as a laughing matter.

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