The Ninety Fourth Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW

Full Evidence of Trafficking in Persons on a local level, how it was done and check mate  

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12 Replies to “The Ninety Fourth Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

    • Elisha Betts

      They are doing a lot of construction work in Georgia. They are reconstructing the post office as well I will be looking for those symbols for now on. It’s this building downtown that be having red blue pink colors on certain Moon days or certain days but it’s mostly red and blue a lot the building is shaped like a pyramid


    So they have done this in every county across the country correct?
    So is this why the NGO’s (non governmental organizations) are operating and implementing UN Agenda 21 all across the country without any reprecussions and the folks that we think are the elected officials are not really the officials at all?


        So what does proving it do? Does it remove their fraudulent set up across the nation?
        Being as this whole entire Law of Nations, UN, etc etc etc was set up by the same crooks, how will the people ever get remedy?
        In the meantime millions upon millions of folks know nothing about any of this and are being flooded out, burned out and made homeless and haven’t a clue that this fraud was ever existed
        So until one by one we move out of this mess people will still be held hostage to this madness?
        Meanwhile they rolling out 5G and your so called ‘real id’ which is nothing more than their control grid and people are none the wiser.

    • trustee

      Walmart is private property under a private County Charter that have their own private police force that you pay taxes to support which is why they can offer such cheap prices in their stores.

  2. Mia

    Not sure how easy, difficult or desirable to do, however a download facility would be appreciated for those of us with limited internet connection [as in my own case a.t.m. due to being away from home broadband on a caregiving mission.]

  3. David VanDerryt

    Greatest call/video recording Ever! Finally an Iron Clad Remedy. Hard work, long hours, thousands of thousands of promissory notes, countless ridicules and attacks but, this group of the Most High’s chosen few has done it. Thank you each and everyone.

  4. Axel

    Is this evidence adequate for using in the international courts at Hague on a “trafficking in persons” case and other violations against the law of nations?

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