Please forward this link to U.S. citizens and all you know!

This is where it begins!

Remove the Illuminati (satanic seal) from the one dollar bill.

Even if you think nothing will happen, what you are objecting to means something in Heaven. Even if it means nothing here on earth, your deceased relatives, your deceased family, deceased revolutionaries from the Revolutionary War of 1776 and everyone that sacrificed for you are watching!  Stand up for what is right for your next generation’s posterity. Make this a symbolic gesture, sign this objection, do a print screen and place in court cases. 
No one is asking you to put your faith in Washington D.C. Everyone knows that faith is gone. This is your chance to make your stand against the evil powers that be by taking away your consent. 
Do this for you so you can place your objection on the records of Heaven.
Please spread this link far and wide to all you know!

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  1. Norene

    Forwarded to both Alex Jones/Infowars (09/13/18) and Mike Adams/Natural News (09/12/18) via their respective [web page] contact page, along with links to the 92nd Ed of T-ROH.

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