The Ninety Second Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW



More about the definition of the person and what it means, announcing Public Email Service, more about the Security Divisions of the states within the States, more about Illuminism.

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8 Replies to “The Ninety Second Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

    • trustee

      We are not at liberty to answer any of your questions until you stop verbally attacking the Bank, General Post Office and the Government of The United States of America. Your attitude is what is getting you in trouble with both sides of this parallel.

      • Scott Hunter Deitchman

        I certainly didn’t have the intention for my feedback on the new procedure to be considered an attack. If feelings were hurt I am sorry. I am a big fan of the Continental dollar, in fact the reason I was trying to obtain the paper version is that I have been telling some of my good customers that I will be accepting the Continental dollar for labor if they schedule an interior paint job this winter. When I explain what it is they are skeptical so I thought a paper version would be worth a thousand words. I followed the instructions that were on the bank site and sent in my money. The new procedure hadn’t been implemented yet but I was still denied. So I see this package deal as bad for business., that’s all
        I have also posted many well deserved complimentary comments and have a high regard for the work everyone has put into this Government I don’t feel like I have any attitude and never have been in any trouble on the other parallel I just don’t agree with their satanic beliefs. I usually just say what I am feeling and have always been frank but honest. I hope you won’t withhold information that can help me own my house and land over this. I really want the national money to be a success as I think that the Fed res notes have caused the greatest damage to humanity. Again, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings being critical of the banks choice of direction in promoting my favorite part of this National Government, debt free money.!!

  1. Karen A. Roulette

    This would be a perfect time for all American Nationals & State Residents to step forward in petition all together, @ one time, to show forth our solidarity. Such a request may even be what they are waiting for.

    • trustee

      American Nationals and Residents can’t petition a foreign president to change its currency. However, based on this publishing: they can address and petition a commander in chief of the United States Military to stop forcing them to use the money with the unauthorized seal thereby forcing the States of the Union into communism.

  2. Trent Winslet Sailor, pma

    Another great dhow Keith John and John!

    Thank you for being so diligent to light everyone’s path. Yahshua is greatly using you “real men”. I praise Abba and Him for Your acquaintance on this strange and imperfect thing called life. I see you men always put forth your best foot. Praise Yhvh! Affiant further sayeth not!

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