Masons laugh at what they did in America and George Washington!

3 Replies to “Masons laugh at what they did in America and George Washington!”

  1. Bill

    Watching this makes me scratch my head as I wonder how people like Glenn Beck and David Barton can live with the lies they have purposely espoused and evangelized about the foundation of the United States.

  2. Trent Winslet Sailor, pma

    “But be sure to know that in the end times mockers will come mocking……”

    Thank you for finding this display of the builder’s and their rejection of the true master. It makes me want to puke literally when I observed that “man only” standing in front of men’s worship and absorbing it all in his “permanent” capacity of most worshipful master his royal highness the duke of Kent. Wow, he is going to have some splaining to do when he truly meets the most high. Foolish man.

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