The Eighty Seventh Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW



Lieber Code, Martial Law, Treaty of Peace

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    • trustee

      We looked into that issue, the Peace Treaty was between The United States of America and Morocco, not the people here today claiming to be Moors but are not. Most people today that are claiming to be Moors are third party interlopers on an old treaty wherein all parties that signed it are dead. Time to move on. We also found something interesting, all of the leaders of Morocco are not dark skinned at all so we are hoping that all those claiming to be Moors wake up and claim their American Nationality and forget all of this Islam Morocco stuff:

  1. scott Deitchman

    If the US doesn’t want to bring about peace, is there any real chance at having them answer to to allegations of War crimes


    Hundreds and thousands of people lossing their homes all across the US and other countries un UN Agenda 21
    Seems no matter what anyone does these evil people will not stop
    Heating up the entire planet with weather modification and no on is the wiser and blaming all this stuff on God
    What on earth can we do


    Hundreds of thousands all over the world being burned and flooded out of the homes and off the land under UN Agenda 21
    Heating up the planet using weather warfare and nothing to stop them with
    What good is any of this information if nothing is stopped

  4. William Goulette

    Excellent examination of the Lieber Code. I would also like to share what the US has to say about a treaty publicly on their website; National Park Service of all places.. (link; Here they admitted no treaty was signed but offer another point of distraction.

    “Where was the treaty signed? There was no treaty signed to end the Civil War. The surrender at Appomattox Court House was a military surrender of an army which was surrounded. The Confederate government never surrendered and even had it wanted to the United States government would likely not have accepted. To do so would have legally acknowledged the existence of the Confederate States of America and would have legitimized it and given it certain legal status internationally. Treaties are between two nations and the U.S. would never concede the legal existence of the Confederacy – even though it had a government, armies, taxes and all the trappings of a modern government.”

    • trustee

      A distraction is correct because the civil war was never against the Confederation government, it was against all of the States of the Union no matter what side they were on in the Civil War. The Confederation government was just a distraction from the real target.

  5. Eric

    Article #5 has current expression in the Bundy ranch scenario. Great coverage of this important document. Aritcle #38 in just listening to the discussion, it can be gleened that we live in “schizophrenic” times, where we are both the occupied and the occupier, both the offender and victim, etc… by some evil puppet masters. We live in a offender protected society, and it’s blame the victim. Speaking of psychiatric diagnosis’s, what is mental health while living under martial law? It’s so convoluted, truth means nothing in a world full of lies and madness, they’ll tell you, “don’t bother us with the “facts” we want to know how you FEEL?” How do you FEEL? The conqueror can make those feelings go away with Big Pharma and psychopharmacological medications, like fluoride maybe? “Prozac” is aka fluoxetine, sounds almost like fluoride. This is good evidence why we need to get more National State Governments up and running!

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