The Eighty Sixth Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW



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4 Replies to “The Eighty Sixth Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

  1. Localhero

    Are you guys not aware that ALL of these mass shootings, bombings, and car attacks are fake, staged shows with absolutely ZERO (real) victims? Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Pulse nightclub, Charlie Hebdo, Sutherland Springs, WDBJ, Las Vegas, Parkland, etc., etc., etc., all fake. Nobody was injured or died at ANY of them.

  2. Eric

    I was born into banksters debt, and raised like a communist? It’s not easy to see the forest for the trees! If you thinking like Saul Alinsky. We’re living in a false reality, truth be told. Thank you T-ROH! We shall overcome

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