The Eighty Third Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW Part One and Two

LINK TO Masonic order and George Washington University: LINK
Masons and the connection to the Jesuits: LINK

Part Two

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History of the Canons :  Federal Judiciary and the ABA Model

Connecting the Bonds and Securities Market


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15 Replies to “The Eighty Third Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW Part One and Two”

  1. KPB

    Whatever funds PIMCO manages will by regulation usually be held in a trust fund for its client/s benefit – that’s what brokers usually do.

    The judge fiduciary disclosure report states that the court has fiduciary interest in the below listed investment companies as per buy or sell status.

    I assume the case is against a manager/broker. Sorry, I’m a little confused without fuller details.

    BTW: US Senators are exempt from insider trading laws. Now they… are truly criminals.

  2. Cookie

    How did Wren miss the point? Everything you said in the broadcast, and agreed with, and is reflected 100% on the record.

    • trustee

      He missed that the judge attended George Washington University and taught at the other college. Wren talked about insider trading which was not the subject matter of what he found. He missed the Mason and Jesuit issues which would have been a foreign case and wren would have been trafficked into a foreign venue over international boundary lines under trafficking in persons. Much stronger case than insider trading. Watch part two and the other videos after. We explain the whole thing.

  3. Valerie A Moorman

    May I please use your research to do a live to help people understand what is going on in these court systems?

        • Valerie A Moorman

          I have been sharing and spreading the work of the T-ROH show for a long time. I don’t like doing lives on FB but I have found I get more listeners when I do and more people interested in knowing the truth. I have only done maybe two lives and one live got over 8,000 views. I am just trying to get the truth out there so we can begin to build a honorable nation together.

  4. Valerie A Moorman

    I need help in finding this case number in the PIMCO site. Please and thank you
    Case No. 2:16-cr-00046-GMN-PAL

  5. Eric

    This is just the tip of an iceberg, sirs! When I turn on MSM, and see & hear the silly garbage there while grand theft fraud by white collared and black robed devil’s is happening under a noon day sun! it’s obvious mind control of masses is working for the wrong side, MSM is co-opted by nefarious groups and is used as cognitive dissonance, a psy op to divert attention, manage perceptions, kontrol the narrative, and instill learned helplessness. …just saying, good work again by T-ROH show

  6. Todd

    Courts create a bond and sell it for 6m.
    Who’s the dumbass that would buy it?
    How would the dumbass get his money back from buying the bond?
    What does the court do with the 6m?
    And how is this a pig Kept Secrets at the population don’t know about?
    And then how can another cord say it doesn’t exist?
    Even the evil don’t add up right.

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