3 Replies to “The Seventy Seventh Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

  1. Thomas Molnar

    Wow! Going down memory lane. Been thinking of Sam G. for a while and thought that he might have died. I was wondering what might have come between both of you. I recall the promise to get the (money) back to people. I honestly thought that the incun number along with the routing number was assigned to the Treasury/ Continental Bank already. World commerce is about to change. Might be the component that gets (them) to the table. Those free trade zones still active? Where do the so called central banks go from here? Isn’t that incun number like the master account? Just thoughts and I don’t think I have full comprehension and might never of what is about to take place. Early morning thoughts and insights don’t know what it is about that but …

  2. David VanDerryt

    It is one heck of a ride down memory lane. Especially the “gang land stalking” and the phone that no one used for 4 years….Thinking back there were so many times bad/wrong offers came across and thankfully those who are in the know and hold office; passed all those test and maybe now we can go forward knowing the responsibility is great and we can fix so much. I always try to give thoughts of protection and strength threw the most high for all those who work so hard for so long. I try to always ask for a beautiful long fishing day with just the right amount of catch too. To see ya finally get paid would be a blessing of enourmus magnitude. Talk about deserving it.

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