11 Replies to “The Seventy Sixth Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

  1. KPB

    Can I become an American national should I wish it? I believe I am currently suffering under an illegitimate and presupposed status also, such as you describe… that of being a trafficked individual held without full disclosure being to given me of said status by the fictitious dictates of a foreign corporatized and occupied geographical country calling itself Australia or COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA but having no legitimate or Constitutional right make such claim.

    Can I get a visa to any American National geographic location of ‘the United States of America’?; or

    can I apply for an American National residency permit? without stepping inside corporate United States (DC)?

    Any thoughts to advise?

  2. Lynn

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  3. coach0640220

    For the standards of our-setting are with the standards of our-duty.
    Need I find where Cindy Kay Currier was “gas-lighted” in this T-ROH show?
    For a standard of an apology is with a duty of the standard-setter.
    For a standard of an apology is with a duty of the Virgo-Triad.

  4. David VanDerryt

    “Love and Light” haha…I can’t stand to listen to her manipulating word use; “We have…” “We are…!” and all her double talk…really made my morning coffee leave a bad taste in my mouth.
    The more we become well known; the more they will try to bring us down. We will not fail and will only get stronger for it.

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