The Seventy Fourth Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW

What is backing the Continental Dollar? Lawyers, third party interlopers, social compacts and other subjects.

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The Great Council of the American National Union of The United States of America (ANU) was trying to reverse what Steve Baiocchi was doing by trying to place his close friend David William Johnson in charge of the office of the registrar of the ANU without being a member of the ANU. The office holders were a little confused as to the requirements of joining the ANU on the video below, however they were correct in what they were doing and extremely professional in spite of the challenges they faced in the meeting with trying to communicate to a patriot guru that advocates violence against everyone.

Would you want these people in charge of your business documents?

Steve removed himself once he was caught and David William Johnson vowed revenge. Since that time David has been posting lies on facebook in order to falsify the international record because he did not want to do a simple document to correct the problem.

This video was the next day after he spent time on the call until 6 AM the morning of this call from the previous meeting spouting the same threats and worse, then three minutes after the video was shut off, he started beating his wife, 8 witnesses to this event, the camera was still on.

You tube flagged the video as bullying and gave the channel a strike, that is fine if they do not want truth on their site, however they have no control of this newspaper. It was ok for David and Steve to harass the channel, but when the truth was posted about who these two people were and their real character and further how professional ANU operates, the narrative was changed by youtube and accusations reversed against the channel. It is figured that the reversal is retaliation for the David Hogg International Arrest Warrant. There are a lot of ANTIFA and Lawyers Guild members that work for youtube.

Further, we receive more traffic on this website then we do on youtube so the newspaper may be creating a section for all of the videos on youtube in the newspaper so they can be classified as evidence under the American National Press Union- Code of Ethics.

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  1. Mia

    Do you have a link to info. on the Incun [Incún?] account please. This is something I’m not aware of and have not heard of it before. No result generated via. search engine.
    I’ve read much about the ‘global trust’ – principally from Boris Erickson [] who talks of the ‘Gettysburg Address’ being a trust, and from Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and The One People’s Public Trust that all is pre-paid and pre-authorised.
    I’m wondering whether this is what The Manna World Holding Trust [which I know was covered on a broadcast] is referring to.
    Nice move, by the way, leaving a link on Y’tb to the broadcast. More than one way to skin a cat, eh!

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